Federal Act No. 54-FZ
Connecting an online cash desk to an online store

Using an online cash desk

Federal Act No. 54-FZ “On Cash Registers Use” obliges all companies to switch over to a new scheme for online cash desks use.

Supplements to the Act since July 1, 2019:

An individual entrepreneur doesn't need a cash desk if he/she doesn't have employees and sells own-produced goods or services.

Checks upon receipt of prepayment. Starting July 1, 2019, two checks must be issued. One check is issued upon receipt of prepayment, the second - upon transfer of goods or provision of services.

How it works

1. Buyers pay order

2. PayAnyWay sends a notification of payment to kassa.payanyway.ru

3. kassa.payanyway.ru sends a request to the server of your online cash desk for fiscalizing a check

4. The online cash desk server sends a command to the online cash register to issue an electronic check. The online cash register encrypts the check data, saves them on the fiscal memory device and transfers them to the Fiscal Data Operator

5. The Fiscal Data Operator generates an electronic check, transfers it to the Federal Tax Service and sends the buyer a link to the check (by e-mail or SMS)

6. The Federal Tax Service receives data from the Fiscal Data Operator

What we offer

Requesting to your online cash desk to fiscalize checks
Quick connection to online cash desk providers
Support for changes in the online cash desk API
Producing checks for prepayments and refunds

Online cash desks we work with:

If you did not find the online cash desk we work with, please, e-mail to us and we will connect it.

How to Sign Up

Get ModulKassa, ATOL online, Komtet cash desk or another
Register the cash desk with the tax office and fiscal data operator (FDO). The FDO will generate online checks.
Use kassa.payanyway.ru to integrate the store with the online check desk.

Ready to sign up?

Please, see the FAQ section and contact us if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a cash register when working with PayAnyWay?

Under the Federal Act N 290-FZ of 03.07.2016, online stores are required to transfer at the time of settlement all fiscal data in the form of fiscal documents generated using cash registers to tax authorities through the fiscal data operator. You need to consult with the Federal Tax Service at the place of registration about the need to use a cash register.

Do I need a cash register for transfers between legal entities?
A cash register is not needed for wire transfers between legal entities. But if the money is transferred on behalf of an individual, a check is required, to generate it a cash register is needed.
Will checks be generated from my site?
Yes, if your site CMS is in the list.